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Beekman Press is a Colorado–based greeting card studio owned and operated by Kathy Beekman. What began as a business called Chuckle &

Chortle has grown to include two card lines.  Each line is so wonderfully different that a new name for the business was needed.


Chuckle and Chortle, the first card line, originated in 2013 when Kathy began collecting old photos that made her laugh.  Already an avid collector of electric swing music, tea cups, bones, rolling pins, and quirky friends, collecting these vintage snapshots quickly became another passion.


One day, in need of a birthday card, she decided to create her own using one of the old photos and added a funny saying.  It was an instant hit and so she went to work making more entertaining greeting cards for family and friends.


After a few years, she found that the recipients of these hilarious cards were saving and collecting them.  She decided then and there it was time to get serious.  Voila!  Chuckle & Chortle became official in 2017.


Then, in 2020, Kathy found herself art journaling one day and had the bright idea of turning her pages into greeting cards.  The Right Words, a sentimental greeting card line, entered the world via social media and became an instant hit.

Now, having produced two very different greeting card lines, a new overarching business name was needed.  Beekman Press was the perfect fit.



Kathy Beekman is a professional artist, earning her BFA from Siena Heights University, Michigan.  When not in the studio creating these beautiful and hilarious cards, you'll find her painting landscapes, hiking in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, giggling with her husband or playing with her cats Capri and Princess Emily Elizabeth.


Beekman Press shares beauty and humor with the world through greeting cards and gifts. We create products that help people celebrate life’s important events and are committed to preserving the tradition of card and gift giving.

We Believe

laughter and beauty brings joy to the world

We Strive

for the highest quality products and customer service

We Celebrate

the little things

We Focus

on being kind

Sharing Beauty & Humor

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